An Inkling

So. This is my first blog post. Ever. I’M SO EXCITED! Except, well I might be missing one thing…purpose. I don’t really have a specific purpose for this blog yet. I love writing (obviously). I love Jane Austen, and Sherlock, and The goose girl by Shannon Hale….and music, and acting, and long walks on moonlit beaches, and grande houses that look like they may be haunted, and carriage rides, and chocolate and Christmas time and bungee jumping and— now do you see my dilemma? I simply don’t know what on earth to write about…..I have an inkling now, actually. It must be because you’ve stayed with me this long. You’ve given me a tiny inkling of a thought. Do you see it? Well, of course you don’t. I suppose no one can see it except me. But’s it’s there.  Waiting for me to discover it. For now, I will simply write as the thoughts come. If you have any inklings of your own, please feel free to leave them down in the comment section below. I would love to read them:)


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